Quick, efficient backup

Save time and hassle with this registry backup tool.

Dealing with registry errors is never fun, but this back up and restore program helps you make sure you can quickly recover when things go wrong. Even if you wouldn't attempt to modify the registry, Mz Registry Backup makes it a snap to quickly restore your registry to an earlier backup if things go wrong when you install or uninstall a program.

Mz Registry Backup has a very simple interface that looks clean and professionally designed. Unlike some registry programs that overcomplicate the process, or those geared towards the expert user, this program makes the process easy enough for the novices to understand. Two buttons are displayed at the top of the program, offering the choice to create a backup file or restore from a previously saved file. When creating a backup, there are again two choices: complete or custom. Simply name the backup file and at the push of a button the registry has been duplicated. Once the file has been created, users can easily restore a previous version.

Whether you add and remove programs frequently, or simply want a registry safety net, any user can rely on Mz Registry Backup to safely create and retrieve registry restore points.

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