Funcionality meets ease

Facebook for BlackBerry lets you access Facebook's core functions on a BlackBerry device.

Facebook for BlackBerry is the near-perfect symbiosis of functionality and ease. So long as you've set up your Facebook profile to receive messages on your mobile phone, you'll be able to use Facebook's core functionality--minus chatting--to interact with friends. What you lose in being able to use third-party applications you partially gain in the capability to upload photos from your phone directly to your profile.

Updating friend details can take some time, and it would be nice to see a few more features fleshed out, like searching for friends instead of merely inviting them. However, new features in the latest versions unite the two address books in a handy exchange that lets you call BlackBerry contacts from Facebook, and send Facebook messages and pokes from the BlackBerry address book. Being able to see friends' birthdays and social events in the native BlackBerry calendar was the extra touch that won us over. Also, the interface is cleaner than Facebook's mobile Web site and does an excellent job keeping the lifeline of your profile open until you can get to a computer to take your turn updating your third-party Facebook applications.

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