Blocks too well

Skip this faulty and poorly designed Web site blocker.

Web Site Zapper claims to block questionable Web sites from view, but it worked a little too well and blocked us from sites we indicated were acceptable.

Once activated, the program appears in your taskbar, but we found a lag time whenever we tried to access it. A tiny window appeared with very vague instructions such as Learn Bad Sites and Learn Good Sites. The Configuration menu lets you add sites you wish to block and sites you wish to allow. We entered URLs into each category, but when we tried to surf the Web, we were blocked from any and all Web sites we tried to access. What's more, numerous new windows appeared, one after one, each time we tried to access a new site. The program has a pause and resume button for blocking sites, but it proved ineffective when we selected it. We had to exit the program to stop the new browser windows from popping up.

The program does offer a Help file, but it's extremely verbose and doesn't offer any kind of search functionality. You have plenty of time to try out Web Site Zapper, but we recommend that you use that time to look for a more reliable, well-designed site blocker.

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