No change in performance

View your memory and processor space, but don't expect any improvements to your overall performance.

SuperRam employs various tests and diagnostics to optimize your system's performance. While it offered us a quick glimpse into our memory and processor space, we found no noticeable difference in our computer's performance.

The user interface is very easy to understand. All of your system's process and memory space is laid out for you. A task menu resides on the left side of the window, but we also noticed that the same task commands reside underneath the RAM pie graph. On our first go-around, we used the program's Memory Benchmark test to check our computer's performance. A score of 0 to 10 is used, and the higher the score, supposedly the faster the memory. Our final score was a low number, so using the slidebars featured under the Memory Performance feature, we made adjustments to free up more memory. A subsequent test revealed the same low score and we didn't notice any change in our computer's performance.

A tech support link and Help menu is included through the user interface, and with a 30-day trial, you have more than enough time to learn the program's ins and outs. We liked being able to see our memory and processor space displayed in one place, but for what little change we saw in our computer's performance, the program is certainly not worth the price.

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