Uninstall programs quickly

Uninstall programs from your computer with this free program, but MyUninstaller's useless Help file may leave some features unexplained.

There comes the time in every computer program's life when it outlives its usefulness. Whenever this happens, uninstalling the program is the best option. MyUninstaller wants to be the tool for the job and promises more information and ease than Windows' built-in uninstaller.

This freeware jumps into action with an interface that is equally informative and simple to operate. The bulk of the program is dominated by a list of every program on your computer. Next to each icon and name is its version, the company that produced it, and a brief description of what the program does. Users scroll through the alphabetical list of programs and select the one they wish to uninstall. A simple click on the Uninstall icon and the job is done. The program's display also offers users opportunities to keep files, copy, change installation, and search.

MyUninstall quickly and easily erased programs in our tests, but we hit a few snags. We encountered unexplained options like Quiet Uninstall. A trip to the Help menu revealed a terrible screen that provided absolutely no guidance.

That said, we had no issues with the program's primary uninstall features. If you are tired of Windows' uninstaller, you'll lose nothing by trying this freeware.

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