Too many similarities

Get a slightly modified version of Firefox that presents differences so minor that most won't be able to see any reason to switch over.

Kool-Fox promises users to be a new browser based on the popular Firefox browser. This sleek program admires Firefox so much, users must ask what this download provides that the original article does not.

This freeware program's interface will instantly look familiar to Firefox users. With similar fonts and layout, Kool-Fox's few changes will create no confusion. The biggest difference is the enlarged, cartoonish icons for restarting a page, going to the home page, bookmarks and browsing history. In addition, local weather is embedded into the browser screen. A sidebar offers most of the same options to look at bookmarks and browsing history, but also gives options to monitor downloads and look at the skins and themes available.

Kool-Fox's downside comes from its emulation of Firefox. This program has done such a good job of mimicking the popular browser, that it takes an experienced user to see the subtle differences. While the designers may see that as an accomplishment, users need to ask what Kool-Fox provides that the other does not. The answer, unfortunately, is nothing. This browser works well and performs all the feats one would expect, but does not give any obvious reasons to use it over Firefox.

Unless you are frustrated with Firefox and are looking for something subtly different but not better, you'll find no reason to switch.

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