Control shortcuts

Control default shortcut keys with this simple but effective program.

For as long as there have been home computers, users have been frustrated by certain keys triggering unwanted commands. I Hate This Key aims to make life easier for these people by eliminating these commands.

This program's interface cuts directly to the cause of eliminating unwanted keystroke commands and does so in an intuitive, simple fashion. The entire program consists of five tabs that highlight different problem areas on the keyboard. Within each, users find simple check boxes that arm or disarm certain keys in specific situations.

For example, users can turn the Windows key off completely, or simply while they are playing a game to avoid unwanted opening of the Start Menu. The Lock Key tab allows users to customize Caps Lock and Number Lock keys so that they never work or work only when double clicked (you can even adjust the speed of double clicks). In addition, the power keys, the F-lock commands, and the computer's startup receive similar attention.

When dealing with something as confusing and complex as the macros your computer performs, one hopes the solution is simple. I Hate This Key provides users with a fantastic answer by whittling things down to the absolute basics and making the changes a cinch. We highly recommend this download for anyone frustrated by accidentally hitting commands on the keyboard.

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