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Find out what phase the moon will be in for a particular evening with this simple program, but don't expect the typical calendar extras.

Whether for its natural beauty, astronomical significance, astrological power, or its tidal pull, the moon has always attracted a crowd of admirers. Now, predicting the moon's appearance on a given night is simplified with a handy application called the Desktop Lunar Calendar.

This freeware program couldn't be simpler to use and understand. A small desktop calendar of the month appears accompanied by silhouetted of the different phases of the moon. Below the calendar, a realistic graphic of that evening's moon appears. Clicking around to different days of the month will show how the moon will look on each day--full, half, quarter, or obstructed.

Unfortunately, Desktop Lunar Calendar is short on frills like an alarm clock or an address book. This program can be adjusted for hemisphere, and the icons can be made larger or smaller. Users are also given the option to change the calendar's color. However, beyond these few choices, you will not be able to do much else with Desktop Lunar Calendar.

Still, the Desktop Lunar Calendar delivers the promised moon phase information in a way that any user can understand. While added features would make it more universal, users with a passion for the skies will find this a handy tool to have at their disposals.

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