Not simple

You'll find an unintuitive program behind the seemingly simple interface that this back up program presents.

Simple Backup Tool promises to provide users with a quick and efficient way of keeping their files safe from crashes and hackers by storing them securely. While this sounds like a great idea, this software is flawed in so many ways the word "Simple" should be removed from the title.

The free download appears on the surface to be very easy to use. A basic menu consisting of "Backup," "About," and "Settings" options seems straightforward. In addition, there is a generous empty space for the backup log to chart actions.

Unfortunately, the appearance is the only thing simple about Simple Backup Tool. A trip to the About button doesn't provide a Help menu, but information about what version this is. A trip to the settings menu does actually provide a multitude of settings. However, the settings don't have much of a purpose, because the actual process of backing up files is so counterintuitive the settings are rendered useless.

Without a Help menu, users are left to fend for themselves to back up files. Clicking and dragging doesn't work and there is no obvious place to search your computer for files to back up. Pressing the "Backup" key simply does nothing.

Frustrating and directionless, Simple Backup Tool does not live up to its name. There are many back-up downloads available and we recommend trying them before this program.

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