Help file a must-read

Spend some time with the Help file and you'll find this to be an effective encryption program.

Erasing personal information has become serious business for computer users. File Waster offers you an opportunity to perform a variety of tasks to help keep unwanted eyes from looking at your files.

This is a no-frills program that may look intimidating to first-time users. Fortunately, it makes wiping your data or encrypting files very simple. By dragging the files into File Washer's display, users can decide what they would like to do. While this works well for single files, it would be a chore for large batches of folders and files. Fortunately, File Washer is equipped with a Cabinet system. A cabinet is a way of bunching large groups of files or folders together so they can be wiped or encrypted together, saving a time-consuming drag and drop for all these files.

The only possible turn off many users will find is the lack of direction. After dropping in files, users are given options about the level of wiping they wish done and a few encryption choices. While the answer may not be immediately obvious from the interface, the program has a brief but sufficient Help menu that defines these options and how they can help add security.

File wiping and shredding software are becoming more popular as the race to stay ahead of hackers continues. Apart from an almost certain need to visit the Help menu, File Waster is a simple, effective download that we recommend for all users.

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