Catalog your clothes and accessories

Organize your wardrobe with this program, which requires some front-end work by the user, but can help the fashion conscious to always dress appropriately.

Managing your wardrobe can be a chore and a pleasure. Questions like, "What did I wear to their last party?" can plague fashionistas who want to maintain their claim to style fame. The Victoria Clothing Organizer is a unique program aimed at helping you organize your clothes and select outfits. The only question is whether or not users are willing to do the work.

The interface isn't very stylish, but the sample wardrobe helps users get started. After some clicking around, most users will find this program incredibly easy to navigate and understand. The time-intensive part is populating the program. Users will need to take pictures of each item in their wardrobes and upload them to the program. Photos are easily added, however, and users can input a number of details for each item, including where it is stored at home, when and where it was last worn, and even what temperature it is appropriate for. Once a cache of clothes is built, users can mix and match by using those parameters. For example if you wanted to wear a dress on a cold day, your options would present themselves. The trial version is limited to 20 pieces of clothing.

The Victoria Clothes Organizer works perfectly and was easy to learn. The only potential problem comes from the user; you must be willing to do a lot of initial work adding photos and inputting data to take full advantage of the program's features. Those happy to put forth the effort will be rewarded with an innovative wardrobe organizer.

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