Organization made simple

Stay on top of daily tasks with this simple program that organizes your to-do list.

Keeping on top of daily tasks can be stressful for many. The ToDo Reminder is a program designed to help you keep track of daily duties and prioritize tasks. Its simple approach might not appeal to all, but it can help users stay organized without much effort.

Users hoping for a sleek look may be disappointed by this freeware's plain interface. However, simplicity is an asset for ToDo Reminder. Where other reminder and prioritization software attempts to do too much--potentially confusing the user--there is almost no mistaking the simple job of this download. By creating tasks, users can set reminders and organize them by priority. The task list is simple and effective for tracking any to-do items. An added feature is the ability to create and organize tasks by category. This will certainly be helpful for users who need to manage multiple aspects of their lives with a single program. Besides the simple display, which some users may not like, our only other concern is the lack of direction for setting the timer to alert users of upcoming time-sensitive tasks. Despite the program's overall simplicity, more user guidance in this area would be beneficial.

Still, this is a fine download that will keep users organized. Compared with many similar programs we have tested, ToDo Reminder is a better choice because it keeps things simple.

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