Safeguard your computer

Keep others from accessing your PC with this simple but effective tool.

MicroLock offers users an opportunity to keep their computer safe from nosy roommates, curious siblings, and especially thieves. Only users with the password can access your desktop when MicroLock goes into action.

This program is a very small but effective addition to your security arsenal. Displayed as a simple icon in the lower-right-hand tray, it can be activated with a simple double click. Unauthorized users will find they can't access your desktop without a password. In addition, MicroLock has a number of features to enhance its functions. Customize the program by having it turn on automatically while the computer is idle, and by hiding icons and the Taskbar.

Be certain to activate your password immediately. One of the risks MicroLock runs is how simple it is to turn on. Input your password and be certain you will never forget it. We're not saying this download works too well, but without the password, even the rightful owner could be shut out.

MicroLock is easy to set up and use. It's a simple but effective tool for users seeking to protect their computer from unwanted eyes and intentions.

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