Not easy to learn

Stay on top of tasks, events, and even personal goals with this program, but you'll need to schedule time just to learn how to use it.

Life Balance for Windows provides users with an opportunity to organize and prioritize their lives. Where some calendar systems attempt to simply keep you informed, this one attempts to help you meet goals and provide balance in your life. However, users may need to schedule time just to use this complex tool.

This programs looks like many other personal organizational/calendar programs, but the comparison ends there. Users are given opportunities to schedule events, reminders, and other crucial information for one's day-to-day life. Life Balance also adds value by providing users the ability to input their goals, such as spending more time with friends or exercising more, and reviewing how well they are accomplishing those goals.

Life Balance has its heart in the right place, because most people would like to find time to become well-rounded. Unfortunately, this software is plagued by a cluttered interface and confusing functionality. This program does not operate intuitively, even for users familiar with Microsoft Outlook-style calendars. Inputting tasks is difficult, the predetermined set of goals is confusing, and generally a trip to the very well organized Help menu is in order for anyone serious about using Life Balance.

Life Balance for Windows' complex nature may make your life more confusing and hectic if you're just looking for a simple scheduler or calendar. If, however, you're willing to spend time learning the ropes, this program goes beyond simple task reminders to try and help you make some life changes.

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