Easily track monthly cycles

Track and chart your menstrual cycle with this easy-to-use program that can help you know the best time to conceive.

Generations of women have attempted confusing calculations and tools to predict their cycle and fertility details. Fortunately, Femta Ovulation Calendar provides one of the easiest ways to track this information so every woman can get an accurate picture.

This program looks like a normal desktop calendar when first viewed. However, a simple trip through the setup wizard will quickly get users on their way. Simply input the date of your last period and the program does all of the calculating. Your ovulation days are marked specifically on every month, providing a clear picture of your cycle. In addition, the calendar also highlights your fertility days, lactation days, and more.

The most impressive features of the Femta Ovulation Calendar are its charts. Easy-to-read bar charts below the months tell you quickly which days you are most likely to conceive, least likely to conceive, and even the best days to try for a boy or a girl.

The Femta Ovulation Calendar also proves very flexible. There are options allowing users to adjust the color and composition of the bar charts for a customizable look. In addition, the program also allows for inputting your period if it falls on a different day than the computer scheduled it.

Overall, this is a great download that appeals to anyone curious about tracking her cycle, but it could also be a powerful tool for women interested in getting pregnant or preventing pregnancy.

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