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Get reminders for birthdays and other special occasions with this simple tool, although users who already have a calendar program will find it adds nothing new.

Birthday Calendar Reminder offers people a foolproof way of remembering loved-ones' big celebrations and other important dates. This simple concept is a great way to keep yourself in the loop, but may prove to be redundant for many.

Birthday Calendar Reminder is a no-frills way to watch important dates. An icon is stored in the lower right-hand tray of your display and can be easily accessed. From there, users of popular calendar systems like Microsoft Outlook will recognize a similar day, week, or month option of display. These give the user control over what they see and how far in advance they can be reminded.

Inputting a new date is very easy. The menu offers a range of icons for the calendar from birthday to travel and even sending an e-mail. By dialing in the precise date and time you want your reminder to pop up, you can be sure you'll never miss a party or forget to purchase a gift for someone special.

The only real difficulty when operating Birthday Calendar Reminder is selecting a date and time. Users must click on a clumsy display to get it perfect. Other than that, the program functions as promised, but has only limited appeal. Anyone already using a different calendar system will not be gaining anything by using this program. However, if you do not have a reminder system in place and need a simple way to remember important dates, Birthday Calendar Reminder fits the bill.

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