Easily encrypt files

Encrypt your important files with ease using this program, although setting up one of its options may take some patience on the part of the user.

Encrypting files is becoming more and more necessary and this software aims to help people protect important documents from unwanted viewers. Bildsoft SecureDNA2007 was easy to use for the most part, but we did have issues with one of its features.

The program's user-friendly interface has all of your encryption options laid out in one window. This handy screen easily manages all the necessary encryption tasks. Simple icons lead to encrypting files, encrypting documents, encrypting e-mail, encrypting CDs, and even encrypting USB sticks. User options are kept to a minimum for increased usability, and it walks you through most steps, including finding files, choosing passwords, and even how secure each password may be.

The most intriguing aspect of this navigation screen comes thanks to a File Manager icon. Here you can review all files you have encrypted and where they ended up. In addition, you can quickly decrypt and sort through previous jobs.

The only negative we found came while encrypting an e-mail. Sending the e-mail seemed slightly complicated and seeking out an answer was difficult. The program has a great Quick Hints menu, but didn't answer our question. The only other option was downloading a bulky PDF instruction manual. Other than its lack of immediate answers for the e-mail feature, this is an intuitive, simple-to-operate program that anyone interested in encryption will appreciate.

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