Delete unnecessary files

Find and delete unnecessary files with this simple program to clean up your computer.

Hard Drive Washer offers users a chance to detect and delete some of the peskiest files on a computer: temporary files. With a program that quickly and efficiently deletes these hard-drive-slowing files, this program aims to speed up your system.

Hard Drive Washer jumps directly into cleaning your hard drive with a simple start menu that gives you the choice to begin right away or to select options. The options menu allows users to focus their attention to specific drives or file types they wish to have removed from the computer. In addition, there is a scheduling option available, which lets users regularly run Hard Drive Washer without their command.

First the program scans your computer and shows which files it determined need removed. These are listed under four tabs: Temporary Files, Log Files, Images, and Other. These tabs allow users to scroll through and deselect files they wish to keep. From this screen users choose to delete selected.

Hard Drive Washer took longer to delete our temporary files than we expected. However, the program did exactly as it promised. There's a short 10-day trial period, but considering the simplicity of using this program, that's more than enough time to fully test the program. Hard Drive Washer is incredibly easy to use and performs a service that appeals to all computer users needing to do some system cleanup.

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