Focused IE searches

your searches for more useful results with this add-on for Internet Explorer.

Teaching your search engine to return results more focused on your online habits and preferences is a bit easier with this Internet Explorer add-on. By clicking on its results, Surf Canyon "learns" your preferences and focuses subsequent searches accordingly.

Surf Canyon loads into the IE search field at the right end of the URL bar along the top of IE's window. Accessing it is simply a matter of selecting it from the drop-down list of search engines built into the field. It functioned well in our tests, returning results quickly. We liked that by clicking the icon Surf Canyon posted beside each result's link, we opened a cascading set of similar or related links that in other search engines would have been buried on subsequent pages of results. By narrowing the focus of the results in this way, the search engine returns more useful results and "learns" from the user's behavior how to return better results in subsequent searches.

Any level of user will appreciate the ease of use this free search engine offers, and anyone looking for a change in search engine will want to give Surf Canyon a try.

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