Overwhelming user interface

Skip this ridiculously cluttered productivity program.

RightNote lets you create and store important notes and to-do lists, but you'll need the entire 30-day trial period (and then some) just to figure out how to navigate the interface. It's one of the most cluttered and overwhelming interfaces we've seen.

We were immediately overwhelmed by the numerous stacked toolbars, tabs, shortcut buttons, and tree menus that consume the window display. Our eyes glazed over just trying to figure out what to do first. Using the instructions given on the main display window, we clicked the New button to create a new message. We created a new file, selected the save location, and typed our note. But when we tried to save it to our desired location, we received an error message that would not go away. We tried to exit the program, but the error message prevented us from doing so. Eventually we went into our Task Manager to close out of the program.

A Help menu is included, but it certainly didn't solve the program's ridiculously cluttered user interface and barrage of error messages. We recommend that you stick to jotting down quick notes the old-fashioned way--using pen and paper--rather than use this faulty program.

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