Cloned optimizing tool

Skip this cloned optimization tool for one with measurable results.

GameHike is a system optimization tool that aims to improve your system's speed and performance. Not only does it lack important features and information, but it's also the exact same program as two others, PCHeal and PCMedik. For the most part, only the name changes, and each program offers only an overly basic approach to optimization.

The program's user interface is way too simple for what it sets out to do. It requires simply selecting your operating system and processor types from drop-down menus. A slide bar lets you adjust the repair settings. The repair settings on GameHike differed from the other two programs in name only. They are just as vague and range from Fast to Fastest. Once the Go button is clicked, the program appears to go to work repairing your system. Nowhere does the program list details of its findings and repairs. It would have been nice to have the option of seeing a report and manually selecting the repairs we wanted to include. On top of that, once the program completed its job, we found no discernible difference in our computer's performance.

A Help file is included with the program, but learning to use this overly simple program isn't really a problem. GameHike just doesn't offer the user enough control (or results) for optimizing your system. Just like PCHeal and PCMedik, we recommend that you skip GameHike and look for a program that can really make a difference to your PC.

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