Unintuitive encryption program

Only those who appreciate a good mystery will like this confusing encryption program, which has an unintuitive interface and encryption process.

CryptoExpert Profressional is another entry in the saturated file encryption market. Despite several visits to its Help file, we still had problems navigating its confusing user interface.

The program can be accessed from a Taskbar icon. The user interface has large command buttons at the top of the window that appeared easy enough to understand, but after further inspection, we found them unhelpful in telling us what to do next. A tree-menu containing all of your folders resides on the far left. But the function of the other two panels was a little unclear. We visited the Help file, but it didn't offer a clear explanation. Clicking on the New button walked us through the process of creating an encryption container, and we appreciated the four encryption and two hash modes. But once we created the container, we weren't sure where to go next. There were options to mount and unmount the container, but like the rest of the interface, the onscreen guidance isn't adequate. A subsequent visit to the Help menu didn't offer any kind of useful explanation.

Both novice and experienced users will find this encryption program too cumbersome to handle, even with a 30-day trial. We recommend you skip it for a program that offers a less haphazard user interface.

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