Add-on lacks customization

Stay on top of Amazon top sellers, but you can't add your own categories.

Amazon Top Sellers is a free Firefox extension that displays Amazon's top sellers at the bottom of your browser window. Though it performed its job, it lacked any kind of customization.

When installed, the add-on unobtrusively adds one of five categories--books, DVD, electronics, music, toys--to the bottom of your browser window. Following each category name are links to the top five sellers within that category. Clicking on each link takes you the corresponding Amazon Web page. At the end of the list resides a More link that takes you to the category's Web page. The program works well, but you can't customize the categories to your liking. In other words, you're stuck with the categories it gives you.

If you like staying on top of the latest books, DVDs, electronics, music, and toys, this add-on is for you. Otherwise, you're better off visiting Amazon to research top sellers in your favorite categories.

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