Good scan, no cleaning

Scan the Registry with one simple click, although you may not be able to get rid of what you find.

Although its scans are effective, this bug cleaner is a real let down. Any problems found will have to be removed manually or with another program.

PC Bug Cleaner has a simple, functional interface that's easy for anyone to understand. Three action tabs offer all the options you'll need. The scan tab lets users choose which sections of the Registry to check for errors. A quick visit to the "select all" button is the easiest and safest option. Although it's not as fast as other scanners, this program is effective in its search. Users are then taken to the reports tab, which lists all the errors found. Unfortunately, this demo version has been limited to only allow cleaning of certain sections of the Registry, but in our tests, none of the errors were removed. The third and final tab, scheduling, is a nice feature for any Registry scanning tool. This allows users to run scans at their own convenience, when the program won't use precious resources.

Anyone looking for an effective scanning tool will want to try out PC Bug Cleaner, but may need to look elsewhere to correct any found Registry errors. This tool can't seem to get rid of any issues, even the few the trial version promises to remove.

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