Unique search tool

Drag and drop selected text and images to zones for efficient browsing.

This unique Firefox add-on takes the place of your context menu while you browse, but getting used to it might take a little time.

Drag & DropZone Searching's settings can be accessed through your add-ons menu. To activate the program, you'll need to drag and drop the shortcut icon to your toolbar. The Settings menu is the place to customize your zones. From there, you can add which search engines you'd like to include, as well as any Context menu items. You can select their position on your screen, background color, and opacity. While browsing, all you have to do is select text and/or images and drag them to the appropriate zone, which only appears as you're dragging the selection. We dragged our text to our Yahoo zone and it immediately brought up the Yahoo page containing related search results. Likewise, we were able to copy text and bookmark pages by dragging them to their appropriate zones.

You won't find any kind of help with this add-on and we found its Setting menu a little vague. But for patient users, once you get the hang of the program, you'll find it an essential search tool.

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