Comprehensive connection information

Get detailed information on your Internet connection with this program geared toward the experienced user.

X-NetStat Professional cannot be called the Cadillac of Internet connection software. Instead, it's more like a hot rod. Pure performance with little attention to appearances. For users obsessed with the minute details of their connection, it might be the best test drive of their life.

This program gives users deep access to their computer's Internet connection. An easy-to-measure bandwidth gauge constantly runs, as does a list of all programs and Web sites in action and how much space they are taking. Digging deeper into the program's options, users will find an incredible amount of statistics detailing bytes, IP, and more that give a clear overall picture to those able to understand the data. We have tested several other models that give useless graphs or even monitor the computer's overall memory in addition to Internet connection. X-NetStar Professional appeals to users who know how to find that information elsewhere. By stripping away the unrelated frills, a wealth of raw data is available.

X-NetStat Professional does not even attempt to cater to novices. For serious users with a deep knowledge of Internet connections, this all-business program is a good addition to your toolbox.

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