Overwhelming options

Browse offline with this option-laden program, but it's probably more than the casual user needs.

There are many instances when users need to view a Web page but can't get access to the Internet. Portable Offline Browser solves this problem by letting you save and view them offline, but it might offer too many other options.

This program takes users right where they need to be from the start. Other offline browsers make you work to learn the program, but Portable Offline Browser has a start-up wizard that immediately asks you for a URL. From there the user is asked a range of other questions, which is this program's blessing and its curse. By offering to set the browsing levels, whether to include graphics and banners, and the option to choose download location many casual users will be confused and not see any purpose to these options.

While the program quickly downloads the chosen URL and allows limitless offline surfing of the saved page, the screen is cluttered with icons that won't hold much meaning for the casual user.

For users who are simply looking for a program that will save Web pages as files so they can view them offline, there are much easier programs available. However, if you are seeking an in-depth level of flexibility for this task, the Portable Offline Browser offers a wide range of customization options.

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