File goes MIA

Store important files online, but you might not find all the files you're looking for when adding them to your storage space.

SOS Online Backup is aimed at people interested in their computer's security. Users can save important files to an Internet server so that if anything is lost or stolen, these files can be retrieved. While some users reported issues during the installation process, the program worked well overall.

This program gives users an opportunity to take their most precious information--music, pictures, and so on--and store them remotely. The big draw to this program is its capability to restore these files anywhere on any computer. By quickly setting up a profile with a username and password, any computer with the SOS Online Backup software is ready. The interface is fairly easy to follow, with large command buttons for key actions, like restoring a backup or creating one.

Users simply search through a file tree and select entire folders or individual files they wish to store. Once selected, the files are easily shipped to their online destination and a meter at the bottom tells how much of the space is still available.

There's a short 14-day trial and a limit on storage space with the demo version, but that should be more than adequate to see if SOS Online Backup will meet your storage needs. Some testers reported issues when trying to create their accounts, but these glitches were resolved with a second attempt. We recommend this program to any users who travel frequently or need access to their files from multiple computers.

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