Erase digital fingerprints

Cover tracks and erase digital fingerprints with this helpful trace cleaner.

History Sweeper gives users a chance to cover their tracks and erase digital fingerprints. Whether you are interested in keeping information from others or simply cleaning up valuable space on your hard drive, this program offers a way to help.

This program could not be much simpler to operate. There is one screen with four tabs that gives users all the options for their sweep. Three of the tabs focus on different areas of the computer you can clean. Internet History allows you to scrub your browsing history, cookies, and even Google search bar entries. The Applications tab allows you to choose whether to keep your past entries in Word, Excel, and even music listening a secret. The Windows tab allows users to delete things like temporary files and the Recycle Bin. Sweeping items from the computer is as simple as hitting the OK button. We liked the screen that appeared showing every file being scoured and how close the process is to completion. In the end, you are given a tally of files and how much space was cleared. Interesting options include a scheduler to automatically perform this task and a Shredder, which destroys any trace of these files once they are deleted.

The 14-day trial period is on the short side, but the program is so easy to use that it's ample time to fully test it. History Sweeper is a simple program that performs its task quickly. We recommend it for all users looking to increase their security.

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