Backup tool for experts

Back up your files with this program, but it's not for the novice user.

DFIncBackup Professional offers users a way to back up their files to prevent losing them forever. While this function appeals to practically all users, the program may not accommodate everyone.

This 30-day free trial is designed to take specific files and folders and back them up onto a ZIP file or an external disk. The first screen can seem intimidating to novice users or those unfamiliar with other backup programs on the market. DFIncBackup Professional has a Project Wizard that walks you through the steps of taking your files and saving them, but it still requires a solid grasp of backup fundamentals.

The Wizard will appeal differently to different users. Those with a sound platform of terminology and experience may find this step-by-step guide to be very intuitive. However, users who have never backed up their files and do not know the key words associated with this process may be lost. The program assumes users are familiar with terms like Specific File Types, Target Drives, Incremental and Differential Backups. Less experienced users are left with a choice of doing research outside the program or simply clicking boxes and OKing things they are not familiar with. One is time consuming, and the other just isn't a good with any program.

DFIncBackup Pro does have a Help menu that walks through some of the processes and decodes a portion of the terminology, but ultimately doesn't provide enough tutoring. DFIncBackup Pro is a great tool for experienced computer users with a deep dictionary of terminology, but it will be difficult or impossible for casual users to understand.

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