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Get a real-time look at your Internet connection with BitMeter II, but you'll need to be an experienced user.

BitMeter II offers users a real-time look at their Internet connection. This in-depth tool may appeal to those who are obsessed with performance, but will remain a mystery to casual users.

This free program downloads in the form of a small box that gives a rolling reflection of your computer's connection. This comes in the form of a graph, looking much like a heart monitor or Richter Scale measuring tape and being about as difficult for laymen to read. However, if you have the knowledge, this is a great way to hold a magnifying glass to your Internet connection. Users can set up alerts when there are specific increases or decreases in speed and volume. In addition, users can run reports to see what performance looked like (in numbers, not in a graph) for the day, the week, or even the last month of usage.

The two biggest faults we found with BitMeter II were its display and its appeal. The real-time meter has no numbers to express what the spikes on the graph actually mean. So even if a less experienced user wanted to learn, it is very difficult to get a handle on what's going on. This ties in to the program's appeal: it is almost exclusively for users with a depth of Internet connection knowledge. If you fall into this category, BitMeter II can be a great tool for monitoring performance. If you are a casual user, BitMeter II will almost certainly be confusing.

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