Effective ad killer

Filter out pop-ups and banner ads with this effective software, but it can be a bit overzealous.

Pop-up advertisements and banners have evolved into more than just simple annoyances. In many cases these complicated advertisements slow down performance and many times clicking on these links could give your computer a virus. BFilter is here to protect your system, but does it do too good a job?

This free program downloads easily and hides in the bottom right-hand tray of your screen. In our tests, the program operated as advertised. Its filtering software ensures that pop-ups never create a window that could be dangerous to click. In addition, banners that change graphics are left as just a blank space on Web sites. By eliminating these nuisances, your computer should move from page to page more smoothly and not risk your security.

One issue we had with the BFilter is that it actually works too well. On one of the news sites we tested on, the advertisements were blocked, but so were the main images on the page: a rotating window of safe headlines and pictures. When we tried to easily allow this aspect to pass through the filter, we could not find a solution. In short, if you are willing to sacrifice some possible content, you will be hard-pressed to find a program that eliminates banners as quickly and easily as BFilter.

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