Simple task reminders

Create a computer version of the paper to-do list with this simple tool designed to keep you on task.

Easy To-Do Pro attempts to help busy users organize their lives. By providing a simple, intuitive system for managing the day's tasks, the program may have succeeded, but it's almost too basic.

This program is about as simple to operate as its graphics look. Users with a basic knowledge of other organizational software will instantly be able to navigate it. You can enter upcoming tasks in a simple list, much the same way a to-do list on paper would be written. However, the Easy To-Do Pro system allows users to input notes for each event, assign them priority, organize the time and date of the event, and even customize the sound the computer makes when the alarm sounds. The program anticipates the difficulties of managing many tasks by providing sorting and filtering options to customize the task list and meet the user's needs. But there are two frustrating aspects: the program lacks a traditional calendar to view each day's tasks, and when an event happens, the program sounds its alarm and turns red, but no windows pop up on screen to alert the user, which may result in missed appointments.

While all of its functions worked perfectly, Easy To-Do Pro may be too simple for some. It can track tasks, but lacks the features of a full-featured time management system.

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