Not novice friendly

Create shortcuts to perform common tasks with Allkeys Macro, but you'll need to be an experienced user.

Allkeys Macro provides users with an opportunity to customize their computer functions and possibly eliminate the need for a mouse. While this sounds like a dream come true, the reality may be far too complicated for novice users.

A macro is a shortcut to help eliminate steps between tasks. For example, many people use the Control+C command to copy something. Allkeys Macro provides users with the ability to set up a macro for any command imaginable. The 30-day free trial allows users to choose their own keystrokes to perform the task and map out what will happen when those keys are tapped. Ideally, users will be able to press a series of buttons and their computer will open other programs or perform tasks on the fly. This, however, is not an easy level to attain.

Allkeys Macro's faults lie in its complexity. While users who are familiar with programming different aspects of their computer's performance may find the long stretch of tasks needed to invent a macro to be simple, those who are not expert users and simply want to streamline their performance may get overwhelmed, especially while creating the instructions list. The program offers a great service, but it's not designed for the novice.

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