Computer health snapshot

Gauge your computer's health with this comprehensive program.

Creating a snapshot of a computer's health, the AnVir Security Suite holds a microscope to every inch of a user's system. This program is so detailed that it will appeal to a wide swath of those interested in keeping viruses and spyware out of their lives.

This free 20-day trial displays everything with an easy-to-understand home screen. A simple list of programs, with their appropriate icons, is listed with a color code and percentage sign detailing how much of possible risk each holds. By clicking on these programs, users see its origination, where it is stored, and why, exactly, it is so risky. From there users choose to quarantine, delete, or keep a program.

Some key additions that make this software unique include the alerts every time a new program is added, which gives users options for deleting unwanted items before they become problems. In addition, the list of memory usage, disk space, and CPU usage tell show how well a computer is running overall.

The only drawback to this simple to use, fairly easy to understand, program is the depth it provides. While expert virus hunters may need to know about threads, drivers and connections, average users will not need this information. Fortunately, AnVir Security Suite is organized in a way that makes everyone happy.

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