Concept hard to grasp

Skip this Firefox toolbar for one with better extras.

It offers all the standard features, but there's limited appeal to the features that give Concepts Toolbar its name. We also had problems with a couple of the extras the toolbar throws in.

The slender toolbar holds easily recognizable icons. A simple drop-down menu leads to an array of links to Concepts sites, each with different art-related themes (Pixel, Art, Design, and so on), but all published by the same company. The purpose of the Concepts Art site is to give artists a place to display their art for free by joining the Concepts community, which won't be of interest to every user. The rest of the sites all seem to promote paid services offered by Concepts. If art isn't your thing, there's little else to recommend this toolbar over any other. We had problems with the only two other features of note. The online TV feature was difficult to view, with most of the screen and navigational buttons cut off, and the music feature required a username and password, but it wasn't clear how to go about creating them. Other than that, you'll find only the typical toolbar offerings, including e-mail notification, a weather forecast, and pop-up blocker.

The interface is customizable, so you can remove the default buttons and add buttons for your favorite applications and gadgets, but this too is fairly standard in most toolbars. Although its basic features worked, it doesn't add any new features or functionality. Unless you have an active interest in the Concepts community of sites, you'll want to pass on this free toolbar.

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