Quickly test and compare CPU speed

Gauge your CPU speed in a flash.

Get an accurate reading of your CPU speed and compare it online with other computers around the globe with this application.

CPU Speed Professional has a sleek, easy-to-use interface that resembles gauges from an automobile. The main function of this program is to test the speed of your CPU. It does its job quickly and efficiently in four automated steps. Results from the test are displayed in a pop-up window, on the gauge, and also in a flashing box below the gauges. It's hard to miss! There is a selection of tabs to choose from, including the CPU details tab. Here, users can find information about their computer, along with the published CPU speed compared with the actual CPU speed. Users can then access an online database to compare the computer's speed with others in the same country or around the world. In our tests, the program was unable to access the online database for graphs and charts, but we were still able to access recent data by clicking a link that opened up a browser.

This utility is easy enough for anyone to use, and its results are quick and accurate.

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