Find temporary files

Locate graphic, audio, video, and document files in IE's temporary file folder.

There's a catch to this program that promises to "recover" temporary Internet files from Internet Explorer's cache. It only works if the files haven't been erased using Disk Cleanup, Internet Explorer's built-in cleanup tool, or another temporary file remover.

IE Cache Files FlashGet 2007 won't help you recover deleted files, but it can help you sort through cache contents to find a missing file. The program's interface is simple in design and holds only a few command buttons, a file tree, and a pane to view a list of recovered files. The file tree starts with Temporary Internet Files, and has folders for Graphics, Audio, Video, and Documents. Each subfolder has additional options. Under Graphics, for example, you'll find BMP, JPG, and GIF, PNG, and ICO. To include a folder or subfolder, all you have to do is tick the appropriate check box. The command buttons let you scan, open, save, and delete files. Our first test run turned up hundreds of files, and the name, file type, size, and Web address are displayed for each. Check boxes are used here as well to choose which files you want save or delete. The process was easy but we wished there had been a quick way to check all. Instead, you had to manually tick each one you wanted to include. For our second test, we cleaned IE traces with Disk Cleanup first, and IE Cache Files FlashGet 2007 didn't return any files at all.

Experienced users won't see the need for this program, which simply provides the user a different way of viewing files stored after browsing. Novice users might like the simplicity, but probably won't have a great need to locate a particular temporary Internet file. If you fall somewhere in the middle, the short five-day trial is still long enough to see if this program can help you find that file.

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