Lackluster performance

Find a simple way to optimize your system's performance, but this utility isn't always successful in getting your computer into top shape.

1 Click Boost is a diagnostic program that is supposed to quickly optimize your system's performance. However, when we put it to the test, we found no discernible difference in our system's memory and Internet connection speeds.

The user interface is colorful and easy to navigate. Menu shortcuts at the top of the window organize the program's functions into categories: Internet, Memory, Process, and Cache. Within each function are tune-up options. For example, under the Internet function, we could choose to enable automatic discovery and acknowledge optimization. Thankfully, the program does include an extensive Help file to explain what each of the choices mean. The Memory function allowed us to adjust our memory and CPU thresholds, as well as actively monitor our memory. Once we clicked the boost button, the program went to work making our changes, but we had to restart our computer for any of the changes to take effect. While there was a slight difference in Internet speed, we couldn't tell a difference in other areas once the system rebooted.

According to the publisher, the trial contains limited functionality, though we're not sure if the lackluster outcome was a result of the trial limitation or a poorly designed program. Either way, there are better optimizers on the market that beat 1 Click Boost in boosting your computer's performance.

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