Confusing user interface

Don't bother spending time with this poorly designed and unproductive program.

Bon Kyu Bon uses steganography to encrypt files. That is, you can hide important files behind image files or text. However, thanks to its extremely confusing and unintuitive user interface, we were never able to get this freeware to work properly.

The program's user interface employs three steps, which, at first glance, seemed easy enough. But a closer look revealed confusing instructions for each step. It was hard to tell which files we were supposed to use for each step. But beyond that, once we went through all three steps, there wasn't anywhere to go from there. There was nothing to click, and no indication that the program had performed its function. Options are few with Bon Kyu Bon, and include a language selection, the ability to adjust the noise percentage, and the ability to turn off the recent file list. There is a link to the publisher's Web site, but you won't find any kind of Help file on the interface or through the site.

If you're looking for a free file encryption program that uses steganography, we recommend that you keep looking for one that offers a better design and more intuitive features.

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