Trial prevents full use

Skip this file encryption program for one with a less restrictive trial.

Look but don't touch seems to be the theme with this file encryption program. Thanks to MAXA Security Tools Lite's highly restrictive trial limitations, we were unable to use any of its features.

After installation, we encountered an error message each time we tried to access MAXA Security Tools Lite. We were able to bypass the message and move on to the main interface, but it was annoying nonetheless. The user interface uses tabs for each of the program's features, which include file encryption, steganography, file manipulation, and more advanced settings. But no matter where we turned, we were reminded of the program's trial restrictions. We tried to encrypt a file, but were told that the trial only encrypts files up to 500KB. However, when we selected a smaller file, we received an error message. Encrypting text produced another error message. As far as the rest of the program, we were completely blocked from using any of the features.

With the exception of a brief summary of each feature, the program doesn't include a Help file. The constant errors and unreasonable trial restriction leaves little to be desired. It should come as no surprise, then, that we can't give this program our recommendation.

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