Simple daily reminders

Set up basic daily reminders with this simple app, which works as promised but may not have enough features to satisfy a power user.

Users looking for a way to get daily reminders without using a complicated calendar system may find Reminder Commander to be the answer. This program's limitations could be seen by some as its greatest asset, but may be a drawback to others.

This free 30-day trial is as basic as a reminder system can get. If users are seeking programs to send e-mails every Thursday, open up Web sites at noon, keep a list of contacts, or other complex features, they should look elsewhere. This basic program has a calendar, from which you can select a specific date and time to type in a short reminder message. There are options about how often messages repeat, but not many other frills. A log of message histories may also prove useful.

Reminder Commander functions as promised and will either be the simple solution users have been looking for, or a program that doesn't offer the layers of complexity many seek in calendaring systems. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder when operating a program as one-dimensional as Reminder Commander.

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