No more paper

Get any type of data organized with this comprehensive tool that may take users some time to get familiar with.

The days of sticky yellow notes piling up in your office are over. The messy recipe box is history. Any rag-tag collection of personal notes and information is easily condensed and cataloged with Personal Knowbase. While this system runs pretty flawlessly, its complex functions may take some getting used to.

No matter what you aim to organize, this free 30-day trial wants to make it happen. With a fantastic step-by-step tutorial program, you will be on your way to eliminating the clutter and confusion of hard-copy notes. With limitless space and the capability to open several notes at once, Personal Knowbase gives users ultimate control. Notable features include categorizing notes by keywords, linking to e-mail addresses and Web sites, and several ways to search for that hard-to-remember bit of information.

The interface is simple and uninspiring, which actually works to Personal Knowbase's advantage. The complex program is easier to use thanks to the simplicity of the interface. In addition, users may find the many open windows confusing to cycle through if they do not close them. The icons and actions may seem foreign to new users, which is why the detailed tutorial is a must. While it will take time to learn and populate, users may find this program becomes an essential part of their organizational processes.

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