Personal finance made easy

Sort out income, bills and debt for a clear financial status with this program, but there's a catch.

Money Decoder promises to help users sort out their complex mixture of income, bills, and debt for a clear financial status. With all the variables involved, this program makes organizing the user's future relatively easy, with one catch.

From the very start this program makes organizing assets, incomes, and liabilities very simple. The Help menu instantly advises users not to waste time searching for bills, but to take educated guesses and correct the work once monthly bills arrive. In addition, when the user scrolls over any of the boxes that need data, a screen at the top tells what is needed and often gives definitions of difficult terms. After entering heads of household, dependents, income, housing, travel, debt, and all the other conceivable expenses people have, Money Decoder has an easy-to-identify results key. Here you will see how much money is needed each month to survive, how long until you can afford to retire, how your savings will grow, and other important items.

Overall, this is a superb tool for organizing the often confusing world of personal finance. However, Money Decoder backs the user into a corner, because it plainly states it will be 30 days until the user has the system perfected, thanks to incoming bills. However, the program only comes as a 7-day free trial, so users will have to purchase the program before finding out if they can perfect their finances.

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