Worth the effort

Take the time to set up this budgeting program and organize your financial world.

iMoney gives users an opportunity to manage every aspect of their financial world, from mortgage payments to budgeting their hair appointments for the year. With such great detail comes an incredible amount of work on the user's part, but the results are worth it.

The 30-day free trial's best features lie within its flexibility. iMoney allows users to review, manage, and budget their cash accounts, savings, investments, mortgage, lendings and more. Within the program there are several ways to run reports on these accounts and see where the money is spent, as well as projected worth. Some of the extras include the ability to choose between multiple currencies and a calendar that alerts the user to upcoming payments and other financial events.

While the iMoney program gives users complete control over their finances, staying on top of that world requires diligence. Since every transaction, bill payment, and fee needs to be manually entered to accurately reflect the user's finances, the user must be very organized. Having accurate billing statements to get the program started and entering each dollar spent may take up a great deal of time, but those intent on managing their money will find the time spent well worth the comprehensive financial picture this program paints.

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