New browser look

Change the look of Firefox with this futuristic skin, but you'll need to have the command-button functions memorized.

Heaven Cube is a futuristic skin that will change the appearance of the Firefox browser. Its sleek design might be perfect for some users, but cripple others.

This free download turns the top navigation area into a futuristic dark place. Most of the boxes are black and the familiar buttons are replaced by box-like symbols. This is all very unique, although it may prove easier on eyes if viewing the screen in a dark room. Users also might get confused if they don't have their navigation commands memorized. For example, the Go Back One Page command looks like a parenthesis bracket and the Open New Page command is a 90-degree angle with a cube above it.

Heaven Cube gives Firefox a unique look and feel, but it might leave some users in the dark when actually browsing the Web.

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