Too many barriers

Encoding e-mails and instant messages could be useful, but this program makes the process too hard.

Flexcrypt offers people the opportunity to encode e-mails and IM chats, so unauthorized users cannot read the information. There are many situations where this capability may prove useful in home and business, however the program proves more frustrating than useful.

This unlimited-use download operates from a simple control panel that allows the user to write encoded messages. Creating this secret language is as simple as entering text into the box and selecting a button that automatically encrypts after a password is chosen. After your e-mail address is entered in a separate tab, users are directed to enter a contact list of other e-mails under the E-mail tab, or IM screen names in the IM tab.

One important aspect of this app is that all recipients must also be signed up with Flexcrypt and given the password for each message. Otherwise, the e-mail will look unintelligible.

We were frustrated, because there was no intuitive way to simply send the message to these recipients. The program seems to be set up like a traditional e-mail system, but made sending the encoded message difficult. The Help menu also proved unhelpful. Users with a prior knowledge of encryption software may find Flexcrypt beneficial, but newcomers should seek other options.

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