More options than Notepad

Discover an alternative to Microsoft's Notepad program with BDV Notepad.

Discover an alternative to Microsoft's Notepad: BDV Notepad. This Text file composition app offers users improved options on the traditionally simple program, but sacrifices some of the original's sleekness.

BDV Notepad provides many improvements upon normal word processors that save as txt. files. In an attempt to combine some of Microsoft Word's options with Notepad, users can click a button to undo previous work. In addition, users can send documents directly to a recipient in an e-mail, choose background and font colors, and even create URLs automatically as they are typed. This unlimited trial also offers an option for composing in Russian and Ukranian, as well as a way to directly e-mail tech support with questions.

While the program attempts to wed Word and Notepad, the marriage isn't always a happy one. The biggest hurdle is with fonts. While traditional Notepad makes it simple to change fonts, BDV has the confusing option to choose between five Font Profiles, while also offering an icon that gives an array of font choices. In addition, there is no spellcheck option. While Microsoft's Notepad does not offer this either, there are other text-writing programs that do. Another frustration was our inability to locate information on uninstalling the program, which means we had to do it via Windows' uninstall tools.

BDV Notepad's attempt to blend two word-processing programs results in a clunky interface, but with expanded options. We weren't completely sold on this Notebook replacement, which works fine, but needs a few improvements.

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