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Get standard toolbar features with a few BitTorrent extras.

If you're not interested in BitTorrents, this free toolbar won't offer anything the standard toolbar doesn't already have. If you are familiar with BitTorrents, you may be disappointed in this toolbar's relatively meager offerings.

The BitTorrent Toolbar adds a customizable toolbar to Internet Explorer. At first, only BitTorrent-related features appear, and they include a standard search field, and links to see sites related to BitTorrents or to sites that have them. The toolbar is on the plain side, but you can customize it with shortcuts to frequently used applications and programs, and all of the typical toolbar fare, from an e-mail notifier to a weather display. In terms of the extras, though, BitTorrent Toolbar offers nothing that hundreds, if not thousands, of toolbars offer. The information on the number of new BitTorrents available and where to find them is fairly useful, but there doesn't seem to be enough here to warrant a full toolbar.

If your Internet Explorer isn't already packed with toolbars, and you want the latest BitTorrents, this free toolbar might be a good place to start. For other users, we suggest you keep looking for a toolbar that offers more than a few specialized features in addition to the standard toolbar fare.

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