Ineffective optimizer

You get too little information and not enough options with this inadequate program.

Users looking for a fast, efficient program to get rid of clutter and speed up their systems will probably be disappointed by this feature-light program.

Speedup Wizard has a professional, functional look, but lacks any solid features. It offers a generic real-time view of system resources, such as CPU load, memory usage, virtual memory, and hard drive space, but lacks any way to measure these resources. The program claims to speed up a clunky system, but users have very few options to choose from to get the job done. Options include a normal- or high-speed setting and the capability to initiate and/or minimize the program at startup. A speedup log also can be kept, but it offers no real insight into what has been done to the computer other than a time stamp of the action and what speed setting was chosen. Finally, there is no indication of what the program is actually doing to speed up the computer, only a readout that displays the number of apps that are "speeduped." Even if we forgive the ridiculous made up word, we aren't so willing to forgive the lack of information.

The trial period is a short 14-days, but that's 13 days longer than you'll need to become familiar with what Speedup Wizard has to offer. While it's easy to use, those who try this program may find themselves feeling speed-duped.

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